Bishop Twinomujuni’s New Year Message

Welcome to 2020! We thank God.
The beginning of a year is a critical time for all of us. As individuals, families and groups, kindly take time and do the following:
1. Give thanks. This is a time to give thanks to God, for your life, family, and everything else that concerns you. Thank Him for all the blessings He has showered upon you during the past year and years. He truly has been very faithful, kind, and forgiving. We should thank Him for His protection and provisions.
It is also a time to thank our family members, friends, in-laws, and all that have made our last year’s journey worthwhile. Many have stood with us, supported us, and walked along with us. Pause and thank them.
2. Evaluate. This is also a time to make reflections and evaluate how we have lived and performed during the past year. Look back at the resolutions of last year and see how much you’ve accomplished. What has led you to success, and in case of failure, ask yourself ‘why’. Be honest with yourself.
3. Repent. Its time to rejoice and celebrate our successes and accomplishments, but also a time to admit and own our mistakes, errors and sins. We then need to repent, which means turning from bad ways, sins and anything that might have led to our failures and decide not to repeat them.
4. Make resolutions. It is a time to make resolutions concerning what we want to do this year. In making resolutions prioritize and make informed choices. Making a choice is a must. You cannot not choose! To not make a choice is also a choice! Decide what you’ll do and what you won’t do in order to accomplish tasks before you.
Finally, write your plans and resolutions and commit them to God. Trust Him for enabling you to achieve them.
In the course of the year you might need to change your mind. That’s fine in case you get convinced that that is necessary. Remember that wise men change their mind, sometimes, but fools never!
May the Lord bless your efforts this year and always!
Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni

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