Kampala Chapter

Kampala Chapter brings together West Ankole Diocese sons and daughters living and working in Kampala and surrounding areas. Its formation is based on the already evident premise that a big number of the sons and daughters of West Ankole Diocese want to support and develop their diocese, and the best way to do it is to get organized into an officially established body and working committees.

The chapter mobilizes Christians and hold time to time meetings, where they share educative, intellectual, and developmental ideas pertaining their diocese. They also martial resources, raise funds to support different projects as deemed necessary by the chapter leadership.

Christians in the Kampala Chapter promote Christian values Godliness, Love, Unity, Development, and others, plan and organize Church ministry programs, events, services and activities. The chapter activities are reached at in formal meetings guided by their council constitution and all activities are within the context of what is relevant to the ministry, growth and development of West Ankole Diocese.

Contact Persons

Rev. Canon John Kateeba
+256 752 770823
+256 772 479714
Lay Canon Apollo Buzaare
+256 772 405062