Bishop Twinomujuni Appreciates Medical Personnel

Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni, Bishop of West Ankole Diocese

At a time when COVID-19 is biting hard across the world, medical personnel, who include doctors, nurses, and an extended team of caregivers, are providing patient and medical care all over the world. 

The Bishop of West Ankole Diocese, Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni, expresses his appreciation for such an extraordinary service, to a point of losing lives.

His message is as follows:

 “I sincerely and heartily register my deep appreciation to all the medical personnel across the continent for the boldness they are showing in the fight against this deadly virus.

I have been amazed by the heroic spirit of volunteerism and ingenuity exhibited since this enemy hit. Thank your dear gallant men and women! 

You’ve faced this death storm with solid courage and unswerving audacity, and we have a reason to express our unfeigned thankfulness. May the Lord keep and protect you. May He show you favour from above and support through the governments. May He stand with you and give you strength to cling to your Hippocratic Oath, despite the tide.

Our hearts go to those that have sacrificed their own lives in the fight. May the Lord comfort and soothe their families. Do not lose heart. Do not retreat. Soon we shall see victory!

Blessings upon you all!

Bishop Twinomujuni Johnson, West Ankole Diocese – Uganda

5 Replies to “Bishop Twinomujuni Appreciates Medical Personnel”

  1. Alex Nganwa-Bagumah

    Excellent support for our “foot soldiers”, the health care workers.
    This means a lot to them.
    Let us all echo the Bishop’s gesture.

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