Let us embrace truth


Let me share something with you about one critical virtue, which, unfortunately, is getting rarer each day. These days a serious soul finds social networking and interaction harder as many continue getting loose with honesty.

A big number of our people today don’t keep promises, don’t keep time, and very few care to stick to plans and programs as scheduled.

Frustration keeps mounting due to the fact that many workers, administrators, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, service providers, caregivers, etc, care less or zero about honesty.

These days a number are so dishonest and shrewd that you can never be certain that someone will keep his or her word, no matter how serious one sounds. Somehow you end up getting what is less in quality or quantity, or what is different from what you agree on. At times you get it late or later, half or poorly done, or you don’t hear from that person anymore! Delays and lies are the real deal!

In view of situational ethics, dishonesty is synonymous with telling lies. Deception has ruined many a soul. Of course someone may argue that not all truth ought to be told to anyone, anytime. I agree. Some truth can be irrelevant or untimely. Also, if not well packaged, truth can do more harm than good – but not telling the truth is not the same as telling a lie. Sometimes Jesus would tell his disciples not to tell anyone what had happened or what they had seen.

A lie is an intentionally false statement but research shows that it can even be acted. This is the problem some psychologists have with acting and theatre. Every lie is a falsehood, but not every falsehood is a lie. A lie has an element of an intent. A liar intends it. It is also possible to lie that you told or didn’t tell the truth.

Some advise that one way to avoid lies is to do nothing that you would not wish or want to be known. In other words, that it is better not to do it if you know that when known, it will lead to bad or negative consequences.

As Christians, however, we shouldn’t think like that. Ours is to avoid any evil or sinful thought, word and deed despite the known or expected bad or good results.

Many lie or accuse their fellows falsely and cause them serious suffering. Many have served sentences in prison, have fought, have ended their friendships or marriages, others have lost their lives, etc – due to liars!

The first and the worst a lie does is killing trust, which is a very critical virtue that holds relationships together – be it friendships, marriages, and all other forms of social interactions. Without trust, the centre can no longer hold.

Beloved, let us embrace truth. Let us be guided by our inner and innate campass: our conscience, as it is held captive by the Word of God. Let us be honest. Obey and follow the guidance and working of the Holy Spirit, our counsellor, who is also the spirit of truth.

This world was not created to function in falsehood. Natural and scientific laws function objectively. They don’t behave chameleonically or hypocritically! It would be disastrous for us and the entire creation if they did.

We are moral beings, and it is neither right nor safe to not believe that laws of morality are inherent by nature, and that they are ethically bidding on humanity.

Beloved, the idea of right and wrong is a universal concept. Because of dishonesty social cohesion is getting weaker and weaker. Unless we care to uphold truth, no one will believe anybody, and the society will collapse.

Blessings to you all!

+ Johnson, WAD.

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