Ryakasinga CHE holds Sixth Graduation

On Saturday, 27/07/2019,  Ryakasinga Center for Higher Education, College for Tertiary Studies held its sixth graduation at its campus located in Ryakasinga, Shuuku Town Council, Sheema District.

Seventy seven students for the academic years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 graduated in Secretarial studies(24 certificates&3 diplomas), Accountancy(40 certificates& 4 diplomas), Catering and Hotel Management (6 certificates). Sixty nine(89.6%) were females and Eight(10.4%) were males. All students passed in 1st and 2nd classes.

Ryakasinga CHE is accredited by Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board(UBTEB), offering Diploma and Certificate courses.

West Ankole Diocesan Secretary, Rev Didas Natweta speaking at the ceremony

Officiating as Chief Celebrant and Guest of Honor, Rev Didas Natweta, the newly appointed West Ankole Diocesan Secretary, on his maiden official visit to the College appealed to the graduands to use every available opportunity to go for further studies and improve their skills. He also asked parents to enrol for skills like computer studies and language proficiency in order to cope with the fast growing society, which requires everyone to have modern development skills.

The College Principal, Rev Duncans Mugumya, appreciated the involvement of females in vocational studies and challenged their make counterparts to follow the trend. He said that the misconception that makes cannot study vocational courses like Secretarial studies has hindered skills development in the side of males, yet males can also be good secretaries, chefs, waiters, etc

Rev Mugumya appreciated the efforts by West Ankole Diocese as the foundation body and government in supporting skills development at Ryakasinga CHE.

The institution, which is mainly a secondary school has a population of around 1149 students of which only 49(4.3%) are in vocational studies. Female students(85.7% of the vocational students) are attracted to Ryakasinga by skills studies. The girl child is strongly supported at the center according to the Principal, Rev Canon Duncans Mugumya.

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