Sensitization Seminars to facilitate socioeconomic transformation in West Ankole Diocese

The West Ankole Diocese Vision, which is “A united, Christ centered and holistically empowered Church” is our aspiration and what we strive to achieve over the next five years, charging us to commit  to working collaboratively as a team, and valuing different types of structures of ministry, that allow us to nurture our relationship with God, grow our discipleship, and make a positive difference in the world.

Making a difference in the world includes helping Christians to generate income and build stable families. This is not any far away from wealth creation, in which we sensitize and encourage them to use their hands, God-given wisdom and acquired knowledge to develop their households.

We cannot forget, that God is honored more, when the ministry of the Church impacts society and transforms lives. This transformation comes about when people are able to get or meet their spiritual, mental, social, and physical needs.

In this spirit, the planning and development office has embarked on engaging Christians and their leaders to participate in commercial agricultural activities that can boost income at household and community level.

Transformational workshops are being held at Archdeaconry level, where sub-h parish, parish, and Archdeaconry meet for a day and get knowledge on how best they can transform their lives economically.

These groups then carry the message to other Christians in their congregations. Preachers are encouraged to integrate transformational messages into their Sunday and day to day interface with the congregations. We hope this will bring about positive change in the diocese.

We do all this because as a diocese, our focus is twofold: spiritual growth and socio-economic transformation. Fighting poverty and all its forms is one of our top priorities. We educate our Christians and encourage them to engage in income generating activities, especially those that are agriculture-based and related, and having our Jubilee SACCO in place, we are hopeful that our clergy and Christians can use the bank to develop and do projects for their families’ wellbeing.

Once these people are fully sensitized, and have put messages to action, they will double their income generation capacity, and result into transformation and prosperity, thus growth and development across the diocese.

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