Bishop’s message to parents, children as schools open for second term

Today many parents are taking their children back to school.

For some, this is not an easy time! Some have had a short and troubled night due to issues of school fees and needs. Some couples might even not have talked to each other well.

Take heart! You will manage. Somehow, the Lord will show you a way through it, and you’ll get the needs. Yes, take heart. One day, that child will finish! Remember also that you are not alone in the struggle. Many other parents are in the same or even a worse situation.

Put your child aside and share your pain and hope with him or her. Let the child know and see what you are going through, but don’t behave as if he or she is a problem. Let the child know that the reason you struggle is because you love and value him or her.

Tell your child to neither be bothered by those that have it all upon getting to the dormitory, nor belittle those who have less. Above all, pray for your child and trust God for his or her success and future.

A small message to you our beloved children:

Don’t be blind or close your mind to the difficulty your parents are going through. Pray and work hard to be of value later in life. Let your hard work convince your mum and dad or guardian that their pain is not in vain.

If your parents are financially blessed, don’t take it or them for granted. That money is not yours! They are in the future of the past in which they worked hard.

As I conclude, my dear and fellow parents, may the Lord give us peace and protect our children as they get back to school. Don’t give up; always look up!


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