Diocesan Music Festival Kicks off!

The West Ankole Diocsan Music festival is here, for the second time in two years since Bishop Twinomujuni was consecrated 4th Bishop of West Ankole Diocese. The festival started in 2018 with Kabwohe Archdeaconry taking the trophy after beating other Archdeaconries.

The office of the Bishop of West Ankole Diocese has once again commissioned that there be a music festival this year after Church organs resolved that the diocese holds annual festivals. The development comes at the heels of the Grand Diocesan Thanksgiving Ceremony slated for 4th August 2019 at Bweranyangi hill. The music festivals starting at sub-parish level will see different choirs getting involved.

The arrangement rhymes well with Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni’s charge, which was read on the day he was consecrated as 4th bishop of West Ankole Diocese. In his charge, he pledged to encourage and support choirs in the diocese to produce music that will glorify God and bring worshippers closer to Him (God).

“We shall encourage and support choirs to produce eminent music that will give God the glory due to His name and bring worshippers closer to Him. Also, we shall keenly promote and spread the Diocesan Echo…” he said 

The Bishop was right, because music plays a significant role in worshipping God. To that effect, an Office in charge of Music has been opened at Bweranyangi with Mr. Edson Mubangizi as diocesan Music Director. The committee is led by Rev Canon Eliasaph N. Mutoogo as Chairperson is charged every individual Church starting at sub-parish level participates in the festival, all participating teams adhere to the festival syllabus, theme and guidelines, and also ensuring that all festival activities, programs, and schedules are carried out with ultimate diligence and attention. The select committee is also spearheading all the activities in conjunction with the Bishop’s Office.

The Music festival is aimed at:

  • Enlightening the Christians in West Ankole Diocese on the need to promote music, which is fundamental in upholding and emphasizing togetherness and Unity, peace and tranquility in the diocese.
  • Prompting all Christian congregations in the diocese to ascertain the impact of establishing trained choirs and practicing conventional music in Churches through the ongoing festivals and themes.
  • Building the capacity of all Christians in West Ankole Diocese to appreciate and uphold the use of foundational Anglican Music in all kinds of Church services and functions.

The festival theme for this year is “Love that Unites” derived from Colossians 3:14. Choirs which will perform at the Diocesan level shall be selected from the winning ones from the sub parish to the zonal level.
Items of the festival include the Diocesan Echo, Western Choral singing, Bible Skit, Anglican Chant, Hymn playing on piano/organ, etc.

The nitty-gritty of the festival organization, eligibility of the choirs, items, adjudication, awards, facilitation, and others is being catered for by the Bishop’s office accordingly. All this unstoppable zeal and commitment will see music being revived and reinstated in West Ankole Diocese as we glorify God in our time.

Love that Unites

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